What are the (228) Awards?
The (228) Awards is an annual poll where our listeners tell us who is the best in South Mississippi across many categories!

The ballot runs over the course of 3 months and results in the ultimate list of our listeners’ choice of the Best of the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Listeners vote for the best in different categories, which are grouped into broader sections. Don’t see a category that fits your favorite spot in the (228) area?

Let us know!

How do the (228) Awards Work?
There are two phases. The first is the Nomination Period; during this time, we ask our listeners to nominate their favorite businesses, bars, restaurants, etc. Once nominations are closed, we tally the submissions, and narrow to the top finalists who received the most nominations under each category. The number of final nominees in each category will vary based on number of votes received in that category. Categories that have fewer than 3 nominees will be eliminated, so please make sure to spread the word. Then we will hold the Voting Period, where listeners vote on who truly deserves the (228) award. Once the voting period is over we will tally up the winners and announce them online and on-air.

How do I know if I won? 
During the aforementioned reveal time, we will announce all of the winners via video here on our website as well as across all TeleSouth Media (Biloxi-Gulfport-Pascagoula) social media pages and websites. 

What do I get if I win?
Most importantly, bragging rights. For a whole year, you get to tell everyone that the people of the Mississippi Gulf Coast think you are what’s great in the (228)! There are other perks too, like getting a digital award package to show off your win on your website, social media pages and print to display inside your business. You’ll also get your name printed on our websites and announced on our radio stations.

This is great. So how do I get voted on?
Campaign, campaign, campaign! It’s a listener poll so you have to get your fans to first nominate you and then vote for you. We have assets you can use to post on social to get votes. Download them here. We do ask that you do not offer incentives to voters of any kind. 

Want to learn more about the (228) Awards, contact Jesse Alvarez.