(228) 388-2001


Nomination Period: Dec 3, 2020 – Jan  24, 2021

The contesting period for this year has now ended and the winners have been announced. We'll have more information about the next awards soon. 

Voting Period: January 25 – February 21, 2021

Winners will be revealed: February 28 at 2:28pm


The (228) Awards is an annual poll in which individuals tell us What’s Great in the (228) across many categories! We celebrate businesses, organizations and individuals that are most loved by YOU, the people of our Mississippi Gulf Coast communities.

The poll runs over the course of 3 months and results in the ultimate list of our listeners’ choice of the Best of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Top nominees are selected to go to voting so all of our winners are solely the people’s choice which is truly the highest honor.

Don’t see a category that fits your favorite Gulf Coast spot?  Let us know!