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Being a (228) Awards Winner is a pretty big deal.

To help you spread the good news, we created this handy toolkit for all winners to utilize. It has everything you need to tell South Mississippi that you were named the BEST of the BEST on the Gulf Coast.

Hopefully, we’ve answered your biggest questions below!


Awesome, I won! What do I tell people?

It is awesome to be a (228) Awards Winner! Incoming residents, recent transplants, and native Coasties all use our annually-updated Best of the Best lists to find top businesses in a variety of industries.

If people ask, tell them you’re a (228) Awards Winner.


How do I tell brick-and-mortar visitors and inform foot traffic?

We will be reaching out soon to schedule an appointment to deliver your (228) Awards Winner Certificate and sticker to you.


Is there an awards ceremony?

No, we broadcast the awards show on our radio stations. However, we may plan a ceremony in the future. We’ll let you know when we do!


Can I show-off on my website/socials? 

Yes; we encourage putting the official (228) Awards Winner badge on your website and social media pages. This shows site visitors you’re not only the real deal, but you’re the BEST on the Mississippi Gulf Coast!

  1. Click here to access & download (228) Awards Winner graphics
  2. Then, upload to to your website and post to your social media pages.
  3. You can link it to 228Awards.com, where the winners will be listed and your customers can confirm your win.

Many winners also like to upload the badge to their email signatures (and link it)—it’s a great way to casually tout your achievement!


More Questions?

Email Us and well do our best to answer any further questions that you might have.